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Correspondance course in "Siddha Medicine"
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AGASTHYA siddha literature research center 

(a unit of AGASTHYA Siddha Charities Trust (REGD)







Plants are an integral part of nature. Nature reflects the creative powers of a living God. They are designed with a specific purpose. The physical beauty and its chemistry are of immense importance to mankind. They are the life-sustaining forces on earth. There is a wonderful science in nature, in trees, herbs, shrubs, roots and flowers which man has never fathomed. If true remedies are found in nature then poisonous drugs and chemicals would be eliminated, and sickness would be rare.


A retrospection of the healing power of plants and a return to natural remedies are absolute need of the hour. Herbal medicine is based upon the premise that plants contain natural substances that can promote health and alleviate illness.


The W.H.O has estimated that perhaps 70% of earth’s populations rely upon traditional medicine for their primary health care needs and a major part of this therapy involves use of plant extracts or their active principle. Scientists in many parts of the world have carried extensive research and have proved to humanity the effective use of herbal medicine. Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani, the traditional medical practices of India have been recognized to have convincing and credible healing powers.


To promote, propagate and revive the ancient Indian system of Siddha Medicine, we at Agasthya’s are striving hard to make the ancient knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, available globally to those who are interested, through our expert correspondence course.



The institution offers excellent correspondence course in




 duration of course—12 months


 Lessons will be sent through E-mail.


 45 days time to study each lesson, understand and clear the doubts (through




 there will be 11 lessons comprising of the following subjects


   1.introduction and history of Siddhars (founder saints of ’siddha System)


   3.Siddha System of Embryology

   4.Siddha System of home remedies.

   5.Siddha System of paediatrics.

   6.Siddha system of pulse reading.

   7.Siddha system of diseases.

   8.Siddha System of toxicology.

   9.Siddha System of Pharmacopea- part-1

 10.Siddha System of Pharmacopea- part-2

 11.Siddha System of pharmacopea- part-3


 a minimum of 75% marks should be scored by the students on each paper


 the course fee is $700.


 after the successful completion of the course a “CERTIFICATE’ will be awarded,

    mentioning all the subjects of “siddha Medicine”


 those who are interested may enroll by sending money transfer through western

    union money transfer or any other convenient mode to the address-- 


   P.S.Narasimha swamy,

   Director, AGASTHYA siddha literature research center,

   #1495, dr. ambedkar road, k.m.puram,

   Mysore-5700 04, India


   Phone: 0821-2542642

   Cell: 09845167119


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