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“Even though the detailed history of the patient taken is found nerve-wracking, the complete cure of certain chronic diseases by siddha medicine is welcomed by the people.”


 English daily





I happened to read your article in the New Indian Express- Health Edition on Nov.12, 2002. I was much impressed by it.


Trivandrum, Kerala


“I will be happy if could send xerox reprints of your publication in english.

S iddha system is more prevalent in Tamilnadu. Your interest in `Siddha` amazes me.”


Prof.& Head (Retd.) Dept. of Botany

Bharathiar University, Coimbatore


“I have plans of expanding your business and science and was glad to get information about Siddha system through your article, after long years of search.”

Dr. Dhanwantri Mishra

Behrampur, Orissa


“Thank you for your interest in Ayurvedic Institute. Perhaps sometimes in the future we will have the fortune to cross paths and will be able to share more about the details of making your preparations.”

Dr.Michael Dick




“We are pleased to know your formulations. Please send us complete information and some samples to try in our clinic.”

Ayurvedic &Naturopathic Clinic

NE. Bellevue, W A 98004-2946.USA.



“I saw your article about `Siddha` in The Hindu. Really I am very happy after going through your article. Thank you very much for your research works on Siddha `The Real and Original for the Human Race`.

Dr.Shajahan Dbma, A.Jubail,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia









 We are in recepit of the books sent by you Agasthia`s `Herbal Heritage` Magazine and “Moolika Vignyana” book.

            Both the books are very informative and you have written in simple language which is understood even by common man. Especially the book Moolika Vignyana in Kannada enriches the knowledge about Siddha Science.

May lord Manjunatha bless you in your new ventures through your future publications.

Shri Veerandra Heggade

Dharmadhikari, Dharmastala


Your knowledge and interest in Siddha system is laudable. Our blessings are always with you to come out with more books on “Siddha” Lierature.

Dr. G.P. Venmathiyan

President, Akhila Karnataka

Siddha Practitioners Assoc.


Director, IMPCOPS Ltd., Chennai


Your publications on Siddha system is  relevnt and note worthy. The efforts put in should be appreciated and supported by all section of public.

A.     Ramdas, MLA

K.R. Constituency



The book `Moolika Vignyana` depicts in pictoral way, the simplest releif from herbal preparations for most of the commion ailments. The book is at affordable price. We congratulate you for bringing about such publication work in this regard coming days.

Shri Vasu

President V.V.E.I.

&Ex Mayor of Mysore City


By going through the book Moolika Vignyana and the first issue of Herbal Heritage qtrly magazine a common man can be attracted by the lucid narration of our old great Indian culture. We have to do a lot of rethinking and work on this endeavor. Experts and professionals in `Siddha`are to be encouraged to come out with a good road map on promoting siddha system. We are lucky to have the kind of professional skills and manpower to take Indian system of medicine to Heigts globally. We are equally unlucky that the governement and concerned authorities have failed to tap the sources, select and encourage those who deserve it.   Siddha Vaidya P.S. Narasimha Swamy is working hard in bringing back the age-old tradition of `Siddha`. I strongly recommend herbal heritage and Mollika Vignyana books to be translated to other Indian languages since these books are like storehouse of informations and I wish the author all the success.

Mr.P.N.Partha Sarathy,, LLB.







I am in receipt of your Magazine Herbal Heritage, which is quite informative and people should honour it. I wish you efforts all the best.

S. Hanumanthu



I am a member of an apolitical social group. Your magazine Herbal Heritage is informative and usefull in community health programme. We would like to receive your magazine regularly.

Mr.Koushik Saha

Burdwan, West Bengal


            We are really proud of you and it is a very good and sincere attempt to publish a good magazine Herbal Heritage and we expect a good literary contribution in both Kannada and english languages from you we wish you all the best.

Mr. Shivaji Rao



            I am in receipt of your magazine `Herbal Heritage`. The magazine is appealing, and informative. I am here with sending my subscription for your necessary action.

Dr. Gurudarshan Singh

Hoshirpur, Punjab


            My name is Ntasa Neterteri. I read your recent edition of mollika Vignyana with great interest. I have had great interest in Siddha, however I have found this form of medicine and literature is not accessible in London.

Aurgria Martin (London),

U.K.on E-mail


            We are happy to subscribe for the journal `Herbal Heritage` for our college library.

Dr. A. Kumaravel

Principal, Sri Sriram Siddha Medical College, Chennai


            We are herewith sending life membership form and D.D. for `Herbal Heritage` magazine.

            As far as the magazine is concerned, it is appealing and useful. I hope that with experience gained from time to time, it will grow as a useful literature to the interested and command subscriber participation.

Sri N.R. Rao,

Trustee Narayanamrita Foundation

Mumbai 400 103


I have seen your magazine at Ayurvedic Vaidyanath Bhandar. I very much appreciate your efforts in bringing out such a unique magazine. It contains lots of informations regarding our ancient heritage. The entire magazine on all count is very relevent to the modern restless society.

            We sincerely wish you all the best and let the best always come from you.

Mr. Kiran Raj, `KRISHI`



I am in receipt of your magazine-HERBAL HERITAGE. I congradulate you for this unique venture! Your efforts are in a new direction and I wish to offer my blessing to the success of your efforts. I shall help you in all possible ways.


 Coimbatore, Tamil nadu


Yes, I am interested in getting and reading ‘HERBAL HERITAGE”. I want to read your magazine before subscribing for it. Please do send a complementary copy to my address.

-Bro. J.M.C. Raaj

Rajapalyam, Tamil nadu


Please send me a sample copy of your Siddha Magazine and oblige. Your efforts in bringing back the glory of golden era of our ancestors should be appreciated and supported by people from all walks of life. I wish you luck in your entire endeavor.

-Dr.K.S.T. Ravimohan

Tiruvallur dist, Tamil nadu


I wish to state that I had some magazine agency in trichy of Tamil nadu. I would like to deal with your publications in our area. Please send the details and terms.

-Mr.K. Balaraj

Palakkarai, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu


I had the occasion to go through your magazine-Agasthia`s “HERBAL HERITAGE”, july-sep 2004 issue. I may bring it to your kind notice that the word `food` has been printed as `blood` on page 8 in line 18. Please see that such mistakes do not happen in future.

-Shri. G.Thirmala Rao I.P.S.(retd)

Retd. Asst.P.M.G.


(We have noted the composing mistake. We assure further that we shall take appropriate measures in this regard.



Please send me a copy of your siddha quarterly magazine english issue. I am a siddha practitioner.

-Dr.S. Sakthivel, B.A.M.S.

Salem-2, Tamil Nadu


TACED in an autonomous consultancy cum enterprise organisation involves promoting herbal business. Please forward back issues of “HERBAL HERITAGE” for our reference and enable us to explore the possibilities of working as agent in our area for circulation.

Tamil Nadu Council for Enterprise Devolopment

MADHURAI, Tamil Nadu, India






We are herewith sending the life membership for your siddha magazine. Please acknowledge the same and send the magazine regularly to our institution.

-Nehru Smaraka Vidya Kendra



I came across your interesting webpage and I would like to findout more about your activity and publications. In particular I would like to purchase 1 copy of “Mollika Vignyana” and to subscribe to “Herbal Heritage” magazine. Please advice on costs of the items and shipment costs via airmail to Italy.

GIULIANA STEFANI, Italy on e-mail


I am interested in your approach and publication works. We highly appreciate your efforts and wish you the best.


Swami shivom thirth ashram,

New York on e-mail


I am very happy about your one up show. May your efforts bring you and the humanity health and happiness.

Dr. Rajkumar,

AUKLAND on e-mail


I am in receiptof your magazine “HEBAL HERITAGE”. Really your magazine gives more useful informations to our day to day life. All the best, for your future publications

S.S. mani,

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala


I want to learn more about siddha and hope that `herbal heritage` will be very useful to me. I am sending my subscription.



M.P. Parthiban,

Convict prisoner no: 8024

Central prison, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu


We are very much interested in reading your ‘herbal heritage’ and getting health benifits out of it. Our public free library is now enriched from your contribution.

Convenor, Dr. Ambedkar Library,

Saidapet, Chennai


Please accept our subscription enclosed and send us “herbal heritage” regularly to our college library.


B.V.V.S. Ayurvedic college and Hospital.

Bagalkot, Karnataka


We are here with enclosed subscription to receive ‘herbal heritage’ siddha magazine in english. Please send the magazine regularly to our college library.

Librarian, Ramakrishna Medical College Library,

Bangalore, Karnataka


I have seen your works in net and books. I was so much impressed on your dedication and devotion on natural herbal system. Your web and books are much interesting and informative.

Dr. Partha Sarthy, Secretary

All India Accupuncture and Oriental Medical Association



Can you offer any course for me in siddha vaidya so that I can come, study and learn there? Please do write to me. Your web and books are quite amazing.

Nisha Ruble,

Kuwait on e- mail


            I am in receipt of your wonderful quarterly Siddha magazine “HERBAL HERITAGE.” I read it with great interest and was much impressed by the careful and thorough way in which you have presented “Siddha System”. I wish you all the best for the success of this unique magazine.

-Mr. Pradeep Kumar,

Orissa Herbals, Bhubaneswar, Orissa


Our wishes are always with you for good work.

-Dr. Beena Rani Goel,



I appreciate taking care for my strange request for informations on some rare and endangered herbs. Thanks for your efforts and concern. I sincerely wish you a bright and prosperous future.

-         Guiliana. S.

Italy on e-mail


Khudos to your efforts in propagating our ancient Siddha System of medicine. Best of luck with your new publication work.

-Rasiah murugan

CANADA on e-mail


            Your Kannada book “Mollika Vignyana” is being selected for public libraries, karnataka. Please contact the chief librarians for further processing.

Secretary & Chief librarian,

District book selection committee,

Central library, Bangalore


            I am herewith sending my subscription for “Herbal Heritage.” Please send the magzine regularly.



B.S.M.S. Rapon Siddhar Hospital,

Namakkal, Tamil nadu.


            Hello! Greeting to you. I was wondering if you could provide some information about your medical practice as mentioned in your web site. For example, some articles from modern medical journals (holistic and conventional) would be excellent. Your web and publication works are noteworthy.


-Bruce Canning, OMD, L.A.C.

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Accupunturist and Chinese herbalist on e-mail


I would like to meet you when I go over to India. You are a quite interesting personality. Your Herbal Heritage is full of ancient wisdom and highly informative.


-GVR.Sarma, London on e-mail


Dear Swami,

You really sound like the best possible person to receive some potent herbs from. What a pity, that i did not know you a few months ago. I spent almost a weak in Mysore and then in Nilgiri Hills. I was hoping to meet some interesting and knowledgeable person like you in India but in this trip it was our fate to stay with tourists. I liked your publication efforts, your country. Hope to meet you during my next visit, which is my 6th visit to India.


-Thomas Kirschner, Germany on e-mail


I am in receipt of your magazine Agasthia`s Herbal Heritage which is quite interesting and informative. Please accept my best wishes for your good work and intentions for a noble cause.


New Delhi, India


Dear Swami,

How did you start studying Siddha Medicine? It seems to me that even in India it is not common for people to study this part of medicine. I see that Indian Government is making an effort to support it. At least it is what theywrite in the Government Website and I am glad about it. I like your books and preserving them with care. My yoga teacher also shows keen interest in your books and efforts


Italy on e-mail


The academic work done by you so far on siddha literature should set as a role model for those who holds high posts in the respective field and committees formed by the governments in the area. As a one-man show you have exhibited enormous amount of dedication and devotion in your Siddha propagation saga.

-J.T. Aruna Nambiar,



Let god give you all the strength and will to sustain all possible hurdle coming across in all your ventures.

-T.A. Ravi, Incharge officer

IMPCOPS Ltd., Bangalore
































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