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Healing from the roots
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Healing from the roots



Meet Siddha Vaidya P.S.Narasimha Swamy


Dr. Narasimha Swamy hails from a family noted for its Siddha

 medical expertise since generations. Thanks to this distinguished

lineage, he developed deep interests in Indian healing systems from

an early age,

 and after graduating in life sciences, received rigorous training in

Siddha Vaidya at Chennai, a premier hub for studies in this field.

He has been practising Siddha medicine for more than two decades

now and is promoting the cause of this ancient and now-endangered

medical system in several ways including publications, field research, translations, academic guidance & awareness programmes and design & development of herbal gardens. He is a Life Member of the Akhila Karnataka Siddha Practitioners Association.


Dr. Narasimha Swamy’s book “Moolika Vignyana (Siddha Paddhati)

 has won wide acceptance and his quarterly magazine

Herbal Heritage” enjoys a broad readership base in India as well as

abroad. He also contributes articles to newspapers & magazines and

even maintains an Internet presence through

and In order to enable universal

understanding and propagation of the basics of the Siddha system,

 he learnt classical Tamil (original Siddha literature is written on palm

 leaves in classical Tamil, in poetic form) and has undertaken a major

 project to translate basic Siddha literature into English.

He has travelled extensively in the states of Tamilnadu and Kerala to

 collect ancient Siddha Vaidya books and systematically preserve this extraordinary knowledge heritage in his library. 


Dr. Narasimha Swamy has formed Agasthya Siddha Charities Trust,

 a nonprofit service organization under which he runs several of the

above programmes and provides free healthcare to needy patients.


One of the major points of Dr. Narasimha Swamy’s mission is to

preserve and promote precious medicinal herbs. To this end, he has

developed a herbal garden at Bogadi in Mysore. He also offers

 technical advice for design and development of herbariums and for

formulations of drugs for specialized herbal therapies. 

Fieldwork is a matter of great passion and priority for Dr. Narasimha

Swamy. He undertakes regular field trips to the forests and hills of Tamilnadu for collection of herbs and plants for his practice. During

such trips, he also undertakes certain pharmaco-/ethno-botanical

studies and networks extensively with knowledgeable local people

(tribal folks, veteran healers, scholars of ancient Tamil and

community leaders).


With the objective of preparing  the next generation of

 Siddha Vaidyas , Dr. Narasimha Swamy provides teaching/learning

resources for short- and long-term academic training programmes

in this medical discipline.


Dr. Narasimha Swamy has always displayed a keen interest in  

turning   Siddha Vaidya into a standard, evidence-based practice and

integrating the knowledge of this system of alternate medicine into

the mainstream so as to enable the creation of  a holistic healing

force of universal power. He systematically collects critical data on

plants as well as patients for use in future treatments and his

database incorporates anecdotal evidence and case histories of

hundreds of patients from across the world. He also documents his breakthrough therapeutic successes in chronic cases (and cases given

up by modern medical practitioners) such as psoriasis, leucoderma,

 asthma, arthritis and scalp-related disorders. Needless to say, he

uses modern techniques of pathological and radiological investigation

to place his diagnosis on scientific grounds.

Dr. Narasimha Swamy presented a paper on the ‘Siddha System of

Indian Medicine’ at an international conference titled “Scientific

Validation and Technical Evaluation of Ancient Medical Systems,

in early 2007.


 Dr. Narasimha Swamy’s future plans include development of a Nature Cure Centre with facilities for yoga, meditation and inpatient treatment,

a herbarium and a library & museum of herbal medicine.  He also

 plans to build sophisticated labs to prove the effectiveness of Siddha

therapy regimes by patient-randomizing and controlled clinical-trialling, and  intends to promote rigorous published science in this wonderful area

of healing.




Siddha Vaidya P.S.Narasimha Swamy

Agasthya Siddha Literature Research Centre

1495, Krishnamurthypuram, Mysore-570 004. India.

Mobile: (+91-821- ) 98451 67119



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